Traditional Islamic Sources

Sources rarely available to English speaking students. The knowledge is rooted in a chain of transmission that can be traced back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Blended Learning

Bringing together the best of both eastern and western methods of education. Integrating the best of the deen with innovative and creative teaching methods. Increasing Islamic literacy amongst students, teachers,families, and communities.

Islamic Curriculum

Knowledge is delivered in a manner consistent with the Sunnah of the Prophet(SAW). Knowledge is presented in a manner that reminds the students of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

About Us


Mirage offers an innovative hybrid or blended Islamic curriculum combining the richness of online Islamic training with face-to-face interactions with teachers in Islamic "brick & mortar " schools. Read More


We assist you in providing traditional Islamic knowledge to your children without the need to travel abroad. Our courses are focused on helping your offspring understand and apply traditional Islamic values and morals in their everyday lives. Read More


Our Islamic literacy program is designed for students from high school through college. Our courses are beneficial to all seeking to increase their knowledge of Islamic sciences. Read More

Why We Are Different

What We Provide.

Mirage Academy developed the MUFTI methodology of education, which stands for: Mastery and Understanding for Future Teaching and Implementation. Using this methodology, the students' character and mannerisms will be molded according to the Prophetic tradition of "knowledge and action". The graduates will be endowed with the necessary knowledge, character, identity, and skills they need to continue their adult lives in the U.S., the world, and the hereafter.


Master essential sciences and skills that develop the mind, body, and soul. Understand these sciences and skills well enough to use them to create and discover new ideas.


Foster future scholarship and community leadership development. Teach others what they have learned so they can give back to their families and communities. Implement what they learn so they can improve their spiritual and personal well-being.


Not many kids get to go overseas during times like these, so having schools like this in the states make it easier for parents and kids. Inshallah if Allah answers my prayers I will be able to be that better Muslim that I always wanted to be. If I get accepted may Allah guide me through these five years.

Prospective Student

Applicant from Florida

Important Dates

Leadership Program.

Application deadline.

Acceptance Letters

Students are notified of acceptance to the Yarrow Mahmout leadership program

Program Begins

First day of classes for students